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Italian Man who Assaulted Eric Omondi’s Ex-Fiancée Deletes Insta Page After Day in Court

by Scophine Otieno
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Their relationship was the envy of many.  And when comedian Eric Omondi and his ex-lover Chantal Grazioli split after dating for four and a half years- many were amazed.

Chantal, said at the time that the breakup was as a result of discussions they held together where they resolved to amicably part ways.

“Hello guys, I hope this finds you well I have been silent for a while…Eric and I have had long discussions for the past one month. As you all know my family lives in Italy and it’s been really challenging for both of us,” wrote Chantal.

She added that even though their romantic chapter was closed, they remain friends. Chantal noted that to her, it was not goodbye but more of a “see you later.”

“I love Eric and I will always love him and we are okay; we created the best of moments together, we shared our dreams and visions but most importantly we shared our lives. And I will always cherish every single moment.

“As I write this post I want to ask God to always protect you and your dreams until our paths meet again. I hate goodbyes so it’s not a goodbye it’s more like a see you later. I will always be here for you anytime, any day Eric Omondi,” posted Chantal.

It seems the amicable way they parted came handy when Miss Chantal landed herself a monster boyfriend as Omondi’s replacement.

Last week, allegations emerged that she had been beaten & bruised by her current boyfriend identified as Nicola Traldi.

An angry Eric took the issue to the police. In his statement, Eric Omondi delivered his tirade to Nicola as he decried his actions.

“Any man who puts his hands on a woman is a coward!! Nicola Traldi is a coward. He is weak and insecure. A man’s strength is fully shown when he protects a woman and not when he puts his hands on her. This is unacceptable and face the full wrath of the law. He will serve as an example to all those uncouth, uncivilized and primitive men who physically assault women to feel they are strong. ”

In a recent interview, Omondi said he responded to his ex-girlfriend’s distress call because it happened to his mother.

“Mimi nkigrow up (na hii ni story sijawai tell) my own mom nkiwa primary alishawai pigwa na babangu. Nlitoka shule nkapata mathee amebleed ako hosi ako na black eye. Do you know how helpless I was as a young boy? Hio kitu imenitraumatize mbaka leo. I was in class six. Nlikua nafanyia babangu hivi (push around) ananisukuma

The comedian added that he was powerless when his mom was battered, noting that he had the power to do something when Chantal was assaulted.

“Do you know it’s the worst position for a child to be? Na nkajiambia I will revenge on my mom’s behalf. I never got to do that. I lost my mom. Nlikua najiambia siku moja nkiwa mkubwa I will avange my mom. Wakarudiana they became lovers wakapendana, I don’t know if it ever happened again. That’s another thing, many women are in such things na watu hawajui. But when I saw my mom go through that I was helpless, I was powerless. And I said one day I will avange her, I lost my mom I lost my dad. So when Chantel called me hio kitu ilirudi nkajiambia today I am a man who is able to help,” he said.

Eric added that Chantal persevered through months of abuse.

“This guy is a narcisist. Na kitu pia imeniboo hii ni kitu imekua ikiendelea for so long (what pains me is that the physical assault is something that has been happening for a long time),” Eric Omondi lamented.

Traldi who was arraigned in court yesterday has now deactivated his social media account which had over 13,000 followers. He pleaded not guilty before the Kiambu Law Courts Principal Magistrate Grace Omodho and was freed on a cash bail of Ksh.100,000.

He defended himself claiming he is being framed.

“I have been framed for something I would never do, unspeakable. It’s a sad day. I would never lay my hands on a lady, I am a father of 2 daughters,” he said.


“Everyone who knows me knows I am incapable of such a thing. My mum taught me well. The truth shall come out.”

Chantal took to her social media to describe the assault details.

“While he was assaulting me, he threatened me that he would come back and do it again and there was nothing I would do because he knows the big people.


This puts my life in danger since I have no idea what he will do next. If he claims that he is being framed why can he not present himself at the police station, he is not reachable either.


It is traumatizing and not easy for me physically and emotionally, and neither is it not easy for any form of GBV victims irrespective of who is involved and especially those who cannot come out and speak about it. The majority are helplessly dying in silence. It is very very sad GBV is not taken seriously in this country.”

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