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Sad as man raises concern over a shrine along Nakuru – Naivasha Road where his wife takes all her salary

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a heartfelt plea shared on blogger Cyprian Nyakundi’s page, an unidentified man has expressed deep concern over his wife’s mysterious whereabouts after receiving his salary.

Detailing his distressing situation, the man shed light on a shrine located in Subukia, Nakuru, along the Nakuru-Naivasha Road, prompting urgent calls for investigation into potential fraudulent activities.

The man’s tale is one of love tinged with sorrow, as he narrates the painful journey he and his wife have traversed. Their hopes of conceiving were dashed by an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in the loss of her left Fallopian tube through surgery. Seeking solace and medical guidance, they consulted numerous gynaecologists in Eldoret, including the esteemed Dr. Pallavi Mishra, whose expertise offered little reprieve.

Their dreams of parenthood were further dimmed when they discovered her remaining fallopian tube was inactive, rendering natural fertilization impossible.

Despite the doctor’s recommendation of IVF, the daunting costs loomed large, prompting hesitation from the husband.

However, a fateful encounter with a friend led his wife down a troubling path. Introduced to a shrine known as the “Shrine of Wonder and Yonder,” his wife began frequenting the place, fervently offering her earnings and accruing debts in the name of seeking divine intervention for a miracle baby.

”my wife met a friend who introduced her to this shrine of Wonder and Yonder. Since then, my wife has been taking all her salary loans and borrows money to take to this place in the name of offering to God for a miracle baby.” the man said

Distraught and desperate, the husband turns to the public for assistance, pleading for intervention and guidance.


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