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Prince Mwiti brags as he shows off Sh4.8 Million TikTok pay check

by Samantha
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Digital Content Creator Prince Mwiti recently found himself at the center of attention after losing his account, boasting over 240,000 followers.

However, far from being deterred, Mwiti swiftly rebounded by creating a new account and addressing his detractors in a fiery live session on the platform.

During the live session, Mwiti didn’t shy away from flaunting his financial success on TikTok.

“Congratulations. The money that I have made from that account is a lot of money. It was a very beautiful account,” started off the 28-year-old content creator.

He proudly displayed screenshots from his PayPal account, revealing earnings totaling $36,921.93, which translates to approximately Sh.4.8 million in Kenyan currency.

Despite facing previous setbacks, including the loss of social media accounts due to conflicts with other creators, Mwiti boldly declared his unwavering commitment to TikTok, labeling it as an integral part of his life.

In his impassioned address to his audience, Mwiti expressed his love for TikTok and his determination never to quit the platform.

He confidently asserted that he would continue to thrive and earn substantial sums through his content creation efforts.

The reactions to Mwiti’s display of financial success were varied among netizens. Some admired his achievements and pondered what they would do with similar earnings, while others were astonished by the lucrative potential of TikTok as a platform for content creators.

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