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Mombasa Man, Whose Friends Warned Him Against Placing Bets, Wins 3.6 Million SportPesa Jackpot

by Paul Nyongesa
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George Odera Ochieng, a resident of Miritini in Mombasa County has made headlines across Kenya as the latest millionaire after clinching a remarkable KSh 3.6 million bonus from SportPesa’s Mega Jackpot.

This win came after Ochieng accurately predicted the outcomes of 15 out of 17 games featured on the platform.

His journey to becoming a millionaire through betting was not an overnight success but rather the result of a decade-long effort and strategic approach.

Having registered with SportPesa in 2014, Ochieng had been persistent in his betting endeavors, waiting for the opportune moment to strike big.

The turning point came one Saturday afternoon when, after meticulously analyzing the lineup of matches, Ochieng strategically placed his bet.

Despite a friend’s caution against betting, he decided to seize the opportunity presented by the long Easter holiday and proceeded with his wager.

The following morning, Ochieng woke up to a series of missed calls, one of which was from SportPesa.

Confirming his win with a customer care representative, he was elated to learn that his prediction had earned him the substantial jackpot bonus.

With his newfound wealth, Ochieng plans to expand his laundry business in Miritini town and complete an ongoing construction project.

Although Ochieng narrowly missed out on the entire Mega Jackpot prize, valued at over KSh 357 million, due to two unsuccessful game predictions, his determination and strategic approach to betting have undoubtedly paid off.

Despite the odds, he persevered and emerged victorious, joining the ranks of Kenya’s fortunate few.

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