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Man Kills 24-Year-Old Girlfriend, Dumps Body at Her Other Boyfriend’s Place

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a tragic turn of events, a man identified as Joshua Mathebula committed a heinous crime, taking the lives of his 24-year-old girlfriend before ending his own.
The harrowing happened in Ga-Kabu, Ga-Mashamothane, Limpopo.

Reports suggest that Mathebula, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, discovered that his girlfriend was involved with a senior teacher from Mogolo Secondary School, who also happened to be her ex-lover.

Fueled by rage and jealousy, Mathebula resorted to violence, fatally stabbing his girlfriend.

In a chilling display of callousness, Mathebula then left a disturbing note with the victim’s body at the residence of the teacher, accusing him of betrayal and infidelity. T

he note contained shocking language, revealing the extent of Mathebula’s anguish and anger.

Adding to the horror, Mathebula took to Facebook to broadcast his heinous act, detailing the events of that fateful night and sharing graphic images of his deceased girlfriend.

In a disturbing twist, he openly declared his intention to take his own life.

Subsequently, Mathebula drove his vehicle to a nearby river, where he left a note with instructions to contact a person named Thomas before hanging himself from a tree.

Mathebula, reportedly employed at a local mining company in Burgersfort, originally hailed from Tzaneen.

Police and forensic teams swiftly responded to the scene, while the community grappled with the shocking tragedy.

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