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Witch Doctor Storms Church to Take Back Juju He Gave Pastor to Perform Miracles

by Samantha
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Social media has erupted into a frenzy following a startling incident involving a fetish priest and his associates who stormed a church premises to retrieve a charm they had given to a pastor for his ministry.

The incident, which occurred at the church premises of Vision Power Ministry in Amamole, Accra, on February 22, 2024, has garnered significant attention online.

A viral video captured the moment the associates of the fetish priest were seen digging the church’s frontage in an attempt to retrieve the charm they had entrusted to the man of God.

Despite efforts by a middle-aged woman to reason with them and persuade them to stop, they persisted until finally uncovering an item wrapped in a polythene bag, believed to be the charm they were seeking.

Netizens flooded the comment section of the video, sharing diverse opinions on the matter. Some speculated that the charm may have been planted to disgrace the pastor, questioning why it appeared clean and unaffected by the digging.

See some of the comments;

@moniphase reacted: If it’s true ..why is the charm they claim they planted there was not dirty in mud?What are they to gain with this planing and plotting

@kwaku_piccaso indicated: Yall believe this? cant yall see they want to disgrace the pastor? The pastor needs bodyguards to guard the church auditorium i think another pastor plotted this adwuma adi nu

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