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Witch doctor intoxicate16 members of a single family with an unknown substance ends up stealing their phones

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Police in the city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, are investigating an incident involving a person who is alleged to have impersonated a traditional healer and robbed members of a single family after administering them medicine.

According to reports from the neighboring nation, the individual posing as a traditional healer in the Kigamboni neighborhood administered medicine to 16 members of a single family, claiming it would cure their ailments.

After a short while, all 16 individuals found themselves unconscious, and in their state of unawareness, the traditional healer stole their phones and vanished.

The Special Zone Police Commander for Dar es Salaam, Muliro Jumanne Muliro, confirmed the incident, stating that an investigation has been launched to identify the perpetrator and determine the nature of the substance used to incapacitate the victims before robbing them.

“The police force is investigating an incident involving an individual impersonating a traditional healer and administering what is believed to be poison to over 16 people, rendering them critically ill and hospitalized at the Kigamboni district hospital.”

“This incident occurred on the 18th of February at around three o’clock in the evening when the suspect, who claimed to be a traditional healer, visited the home of an elderly man whose wife was suffering from a leg ailment. The suspect claimed to have a remedy of traditional medicine. He administered the medicine to the family members, who later became intoxicated, lost consciousness, and he stole more than 5 phones before disappearing,” the police commander explained in detail.

The police commander revealed that one suspect is already in custody for further interrogation to determine the type of substance used by the traditional healer to intoxicate the victims and where he disposed of the stolen items.

However, the traditional healer remains at large, and Muliro promised that they will do everything necessary to ensure he is apprehended and brought to justice.

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