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What DCI found out after tracing 3 hotels Kelvin Kiptum visited before crash

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A team of dedicated detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has painstakingly retraced the last moments of Kelvin Kiptum before the tragic accident that claimed not only his life but also that of his coach, Garvais Hakizimana.

Kelvin Kiptum, revered for his unparalleled dedication and prowess on the track, spent his final hours engaging in what appeared to be ordinary activities, completely unaware of the impending catastrophe.

The journey began innocently enough at the Talex Inn Restaurant Pub and Car Wash, nestled along the scenic Iten-Eldoret road, a popular haunt for both athletes and locals. Surveillance footage captured Kiptum’s Toyota Premio pulling into the establishment, where he engaged in conversation with an unidentified individual before departing for an undisclosed location.

Subsequently, Kiptum and his companions ventured to The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant at Rupa Mall. Noted by Jeremy Kipkorir, a supervisor at the establishment, their arrival and departure times were recorded.

The final leg of their journey led them to The Grand Miarmir Guest House in Annex, situated off the Eldoret-Nairobi highway. Security logs documented their arrival, where Kiptum, Hakizimana, and Chepkurui shared a meal, with Kiptum indulging in his favored dish of meat and boiled bananas.

However, tragedy struck as the trio left the guest house around 10:16 p.m., embarking on the ill-fated drive towards the training base in Chepkorio, Elgeyo Marakwet.

The accident occurred at Flax Junction, a mere 36 kilometers from their last known location. Initial investigations suggest that Kiptum’s Toyota Premio veered off the road at a high speed, colliding with a tree in a fatal crash.

Despite exhaustive examinations revealing no mechanical defects or adverse weather conditions, the cause of the accident remains shrouded in mystery, with insights provided by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and local law enforcement agencies.

The site of the accident, now adorned with floral tributes and a wooden placard bearing ‘Kiptum Road,’ stands as a poignant testament to the tragic events of that fateful night.

According to police reports, the sole survivor of the accident, Sharon, recounted her futile attempts to alert Kiptum about the vehicle veering off the road, tragically without success.

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