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Walidhani niko na Ukimwi: Carol Sonnie Opens Up About Life After Breakup with Mulamwah

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Renowned Kenyan actress Caroline Muthoni Ngethe, popularly known as Carol Sonnie, has opened up about her struggles with depression in the past.

In an interview with online journalists, the mother of one admitted that she experienced psychological distress after her relationship failed, prompting her to seek help from a professional.

She revealed that the depression affected her so much that even her physical appearance changed, causing concern among her fans.

“At that time, someone asked me, ‘Sonie, do you have HIV?’ I was completely beaten. To be honest, I was asked that question so much that I had to go for a test. And I know very well that I am negative,” Carol Sonnie confessed.

She added, “From my perspective, I thought I was okay. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought I was fine. I didn’t realize that it was affecting me mentally. It drained me of my strength.”

The former partner of comedian David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, expressed gratitude to her psychologist, revealing that they helped her cope with depression.

“I think I went to the best specialist in the world. They helped me a lot in self-discovery and understanding myself. I don’t think anything can set me back to where I was because mentally, I was okay. I used to eat a lot but didn’t gain weight,” she said.

Sonnie emphasized the importance of mental peace for personal development.

The single mother also disclosed that her parents have been very supportive, especially in raising her only daughter, Keilah Oyando.

About two years ago, Carrol Sonie was overwhelmed with emotions in our studios as she narrated the aftermath of her breakup with her former partner, comedian Mulamwah.

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