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Sonko Meets Woman Whose ‘Rosecco’ Was Exposed During an Event in Kitui; Shares Details

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On Tuesday, former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko met with a woman who sat behind him during a family event in Anzauni, Kitui County, about a week ago.

This came after a photo shared by the politician showing him and the woman behind him attracted negative attention online, with some users editing it to portray an inappropriate scene.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, the wealthy businessman revealed that he had engaged in discussions with the affected woman and even arranged counseling sessions for her to cope with the distress caused by the edited image.

“I am currently with the woman from Rsecc* who was photoshopped in my Upperhill office as we plan counseling sessions,” Mike Sonko said via Twitter.

He added, “For privacy reasons, I will not disclose her identity or share pictures and videos of the meeting out of respect for her. Let’s build a culture of protecting our women in society against such harassment.”

Last weekend, social media users speculated after photos leaked from the Anzauni community event in Kitui County, where former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko attended as one of the invited guests.

In the widely circulated photo, Sonko appeared neatly dressed as usual, but behind him, to the left, was a woman who seemed to be wearing a short skirt.

Unfortunately, the photo was edited, sparking widespread discussions online, with some going as far as providing detailed explanations as if it were a VAR investigating footballers’ fouls on the field.

Sonko was shocked by this and later on the X platform, he posted a series of real photos that he said were the ‘true VAR’ and stated that the edited photo was manipulated to portray the woman as ‘indecent’.

“After thorough investigation and going through original photos taken during the Anzauni community event in Kitui last weekend, where I was one of the invited guests, I have come to realize that the photo purportedly showing the woman behind me exposing her private parts is not true; it has been edited,” Sonko said in part.

“The photo was edited to suggest that the woman’s ‘rosecoco’ was visible, which is not true,” he added.

The former Nairobi leader revealed that the seat was reserved for Minister Penina Malonza, but various women occupied it at different times while waiting for the minister to arrive.

Sonko strongly condemned anyone involved in editing the photo to portray the woman as ‘indecent’ and stated that she is a mother who has been negatively affected by the spread of the image.

“Even though I do not know this woman, she is not just a face in the crowd but also a mother, aunt, daughter, or even someone’s sister. She deserves respect. Therefore, I urge anyone who knows her to inform her that I am looking for her so that we can arrange counseling services for her and her family,” Sonko requested.

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