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Revealed: Why Citizen TV Cancelled Shamba la Wanyama Show

by Paul Nyongesa
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Citizen TV’s recent decision to pull the plug on the highly anticipated television series, ‘Shamba La Wanyama,’ following the airing of its pilot episode on Sunday, February 4, has stirred significant curiosity and speculation among viewers and stakeholders.

The series, crafted by scriptwriter Serah Mwihaki, promised to be a gripping narrative, inspired by George Orwell’s timeless masterpiece, ‘Animal Farm.’ It delved into the intricate dynamics of a prosperity gospel preacher masquerading as a revered church leader, challenging prevailing norms and societal issues.

So, ‘Shamba la Wanyama’ has been pulled down by Citizen TV after airing only one episode with zero explanation. Shamba La Wanyama has been on Viu Sasa for quite a while and started airing on Citizen TV on 4/02/2024

“This is a story that was adapted from the book ‘Animal Farm’ and it went the religious way, specifically the church. Without a solid reason, we’re left here to speculate as to why Citizen TV care to explain?” Shiviske Shivisi protested.

Mwihaki took to social media to express her disappointment, hinting at undisclosed factors behind the sudden termination.

A number of Kenyans have now specualted that  ‘Shamba La Wanyama’ may have crossed boundaries by allegedly ridiculing the church.

However, concrete evidence supporting these claims remains elusive, leaving room for differing interpretations.

The lack of official communication from Citizen TV regarding the rationale behind the cancellation has only fueled curiosity among the audience.

Many are left wondering whether the decision was influenced by external pressures, internal conflicts, or other undisclosed factors.


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