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Raban Mwangi: I Make Up to Sh40,000 per Week Selling Groceries in Utawala

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the bustling neighborhood of Utawala, Nairobi County, Raban Mwangi has carved out a niche for himself with his innovative approach to addressing the needs of the community.

Motivated by both the increasing demand for healthier dietary options and the dynamics of the 24-hour economy, Mwangi took a bold step by establishing a grocery shop that operates round the clock.

The concept has quickly garnered popularity among residents and commuters traversing the busy Eastern Bypass.

Mwangi’s grocery shop offers a lifeline for those returning home late from work, ensuring they have access to fresh fruits whenever they need them.

This convenience is a game-changer in a society where traditional operating hours often fall short of meeting the needs of a diverse and dynamic population.

Reflecting on his inspiration, Mwangi notes the common predicament faced by many working individuals who struggle to find open stores upon reaching home late. His 24-hour grocery shop fills this gap, providing a reliable source for healthy fruits even during unconventional hours.

Employing a team of three assistants, Mwangi ensures seamless operations throughout the day and night. His commitment to fair employment practices is evident in the daily wage of Sh350 per person, providing a source of livelihood for members of the community.

In a good week, Mwangi makes between Sh30,000 to Sh40,000.

Despite the challenges he faced after his college aspirations faltered, Mwangi’s resilience and entrepreneurial spirit led him to pursue alternative avenues.

Starting with modest savings from odd jobs, he gradually built his business from the ground up, transitioning from a small grocery shop in Kutus, Kirinyaga County, to the vibrant market of Nairobi.

Central to Mwangi’s offerings are an array of fruits sourced from traders who import from Uganda and Tanzania. Among these, giant pumpkins stand out, prized for their sweetness and unique texture.

Beyond their culinary appeal, pumpkins are celebrated for their nutritional value, rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Mwangi’s emphasis on promoting healthy eating habits underscores his commitment to community well-being.

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