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Prophet Owuor Prophecies a Massive Earthquake Set to Hit India

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a recent prophetic revelation, Prophet David Owuor of the Holiness and Repentance Ministry has delivered a stern warning about an impending earthquake destined to strike India. Speaking on a Holiness and Repentance-based radio station, Jesus is Lord, Owuor emphasized the message he received from the divine.

“Blessed people, the Lord Jehovah has conveyed to me a message regarding the imminent judgment upon India due to the prevalence of Hinduism,” Owuor solemnly announced. “The Almighty has once again spoken to me about a massive earthquake that looms over India. He has expressed his displeasure with the pervasive practice of idol worship in the country.”

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Owuor elucidated on the proliferation of idol worship in India. “God Almighty has continually conveyed his dismay over the worship of multiple gods, with estimates surpassing three million. Moreover, the existence of supermarkets that trade in deities further exacerbates this grievous offense,” he explained.

Owuor’s prophecy comes a month after he had also prophesied a looming economic hardship in Kenya, urging the faithful to heed his call to holiness and repentance as a shield against the impending challenges.

In a video filled with divine reassurance, the prophet declared a special exemption for those in the Ministry of Holiness and Repentance, emphasizing that they would be protected and provided for during this trying time.

“Blessed people, the Lord Almighty has spoken with me about tremendous economic hardship coming to Kenya, and I want to declare right now that those in the Holiness and Repentance ministry are exempted from that. I have covered you totally by the tremendous authority of the eternal blood of Jesus,” proclaimed Prophet Owuor.

The distinguished clergyman went on to express a profound assurance for those who have aligned themselves with the principles of righteousness and holiness, stating, “For you, you will thrive. Instead, you will be able to have enough and have excess.”

The prophet made it clear that those who have submitted to the divine authority under the cloud of God Almighty will experience a different fate from those who have not.

He asserted that this distinction would be a defining feature between the faithful and those who have not embraced the Lord’s authority.

“I decree now that for all those who are fully submitted to this voice, who are in the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, you are going to be exempt. The Lord will protect and provide for you, and the excess you receive will be used to help other people in this time of hardship,” Prophet Owuor proclaimed.

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