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Pastor Ezekiel Odero: Why I Will Attend Benny Hinn’s Crusade at Nyayo Stadium

by Samantha
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Renowned leader of the New Life Prayer Centre and Church, Pastor Ezekiel Odero, has announced his participation in the eagerly anticipated mega crusade hosted by Benny Hinn.

In a recent interaction with members of his congregation, Pastor Ezekiel emphasized the importance of honoring and respecting trailblazing figures in the ministry.

“If you do not respect those who came before you, there is nowhere you are going. There is nothing as bad as arrogance. What I am teaching you, understand it. I also gave orders for our station to advertise Benny Hinn’s crusade. Because we have not done what he has done. He is a great man of God, and when he comes, we need that grace,” he added.

Through a TikTok video shared by @rhoda, Pastor Ezekiel passionately urged his church members to prioritize attendance at Benny Hinn’s crusade, scheduled to take place on February 25 and 26.

“My son asked me if I am going to Nyayo Stadium, and I said yes, and he asked, and what about mum? I said we are going together. We will do our service on Saturday; when it gets to the evening, we run to the airport, take a flight and by 6:30 pm, we are in the stadium. Because the crusade starts in the evening. The next day, we are at a service. There is something called sacrifice. We must pay for it going and coming back.”

Moreover, Pastor Ezekiel extended a heartfelt invitation to his congregation, encouraging them to seize the opportunity to participate in the mega crusade. He emphasized that attending such events is not a waste of time but rather a valuable investment in spiritual edification and growth.


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