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Ladies warned not to wear dresses as strong winds continue to pick ahead of Kelvin Kiptum’s burial

by Paul Nyongesa
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As Kenyans eagerly await and prepare for the solemn occasion, family, friends, athletes, and dignitaries are poised to unite with hundreds of others to bid farewell to Kelvin Kiptum as he is laid to rest.

However, amidst the preparations, a cautionary note has been sounded for ladies attending the ceremony: they have been advised against wearing dresses due to the persistent strong winds preceding Kelvin Kiptum’s burial.

According to a report shared by Lemiso Media House, it stated, “To 1gbs and those who wear dresses (Chepchorta), the weather is not for you. The wind is picking up from where it left yesterday.”

This comes houurs after strong winds wreaked havoc at the venue.

A decision to change the venue for the funeral service was made after strong winds battered the Chepsamo venue, causing substantial damage to property.

A report by Citizen TV indicated organisers announced the change of venue, citing concerns for the safety of attendees and the structural integrity of the setup.

Photographs circulating on social media depict the aftermath of the strong winds, revealing tents that had been erected for the ceremony blown away, some colliding with parked cars.

At least two vehicles were significantly damaged, with one displaying a shattered windscreen and frontal bonnet damage, while another suffered extensive body damage. Despite the unexpected turn of events, preparations for Kiptum’s interment at his farm in Naiberi are reportedly proceeding as planned.

Notable figures from various fields are expected to attend Kiptum’s final send-off, including President William Ruto, state dignitaries, and prominent figures within the athletics profession.

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