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Kawangware’s Fancy Buys Owner Robert Mathenge Captured on Video Throwing Strong Blows at His Innocent Female Worker

by Samantha
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A disturbing video clip has surfaced on social media, depicting a harrowing scene of Kawangware’s Fancy Buys Owner Robert Mathenge assaulting his female employee within the confines of his shop.

In the undated CCTV footage, which began circulating on Friday, February 23, viewers are subjected to a distressing display of violence as the man, purportedly the shop owner, subjects the woman to a sustained and merciless beating.

The footage captures the man repeatedly slapping the woman before forcefully pushing her to the ground.

Despite her cries of pain and distress, the assault continues unabated as the employer proceeds to roughhandle the defenseless woman, even resorting to stomping on her as she lies helpless on the floor.

Throughout the ordeal, the woman’s pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears as her assailant relentlessly continues his vicious attack.

Shockingly, the reasons behind the assault remain unclear, leaving viewers appalled and outraged by the sheer brutality of the incident.

At one point in the footage, the man appears to angrily gesture and mutter inaudible words, adding to the intensity of the situation.

Following several minutes of relentless violence, the employer abruptly instructs the woman to resume her duties, a chilling display of power dynamics and control.


The video has sparked widespread condemnation and calls for justice across various online platforms.

This is what Kenyans had to say;

Moses; I feel sorry for Kenyans who have bosses because worker rights are non-existent. Francis Atwoli the  only cares about filling his big stomach. He does nothing for workers rights.

Lesson; Assault is a criminal offence no matter the gravity of the mistake one has made. The best thing to do is to fire him/her or better still initiate a court process

Maingi wycliffs; He should be arrested with immediate effect and charged.Moreover, women should demonstrate in solidarity with that lady and ask everyone avoid the shop.Tuone hiyo ujeuri yake itampeleka wapi.


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