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Justina Syokau; Nimekuwa na ‘Dry Spell’ ya miaka kumi

by Paul Nyongesa
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Renowned gospel artist Justina Syokau has recently opened up candidly about her nearly decade-long dry spell following her divorce. Best known for her hit song “Twendi Twendi,” Syokau entered into marriage in 2012, only to witness its dissolution the following year.

In a heartfelt revelation, Syokau shared her perspective on relationships, emphasizing the paramount importance of responsibility in a partner.

“These days, I’m not interested in a man who is only good at fleeting pleasures. These days, I desire a responsible man,” Syokau remarked, stressing the need for men to bring more than just love and physical intimacy to the table.

Highlighting the significance of financial stability and partnership in her future relationships, Syokau emphasized that responsibility lays the foundation for addressing other aspects of a relationship.

“When you are responsible, we can address other aspects of the relationship. If a man cannot contribute to rent and utility bills, he will simply be a burden. Even if he excels in other areas, he must be willing to work. You won’t hire a girl and expect a man to be idle,” Syokau elaborated.

During an interview with Comedian Consumator on his TruthBeTold show on YouTube, Syokau candidly reflected on her singlehood, expressing contentment with her freedom.

“Being single is enjoyable because you’re free, and it’s almost nine years since I walked out of my marriage. I left my marriage with a child and decided to be celibate because I didn’t want to get into temptation again, and I have responsibilities to take care of,” she shared.

Syokau stressed the importance of staying true to oneself and avoiding potentially harmful situations.

“It’s better to be on a dry spell than get yourself into temptation. It’s better to have a child with a man who would leave you to raise it alone,” she said.

Acknowledging the challenges of her journey, Syokau admitted that maintaining celibacy isn’t easy, particularly for those who struggle to control their desires. However, she affirmed her dedication to her chosen path.

“I have been on a dry spell for this long because I’m scared of getting into another difficult situation,” she said.

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