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Jowie Irungu’s ex-girlfriend breaks silence after murder conviction

by Paul Nyongesa
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Following her ex-boyfriend, Jowie Irungu’s conviction for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, model Eleanor Musangi posted a cryptic message on her Instastories.

The message read, “With God, everything remains okay #it’spossible.”

In 2021, Eleanor, also known as Micabella, posted another cryptic message directed at her adversaries, emphasizing her strength as a woman.

This came after publicly announcing that her ‘spiritual marriage’ with Jowie had ended.

Despite this, she stated that she refused to dwell on self-pity and focused on her own courage.

Using Instagram at the time, she said, “I (Eleanor Musangi) am a strong woman. I do not entertain self-pity, nor do I allow people to victimize me.

I don’t respond to people who order me around or try to bring me down. If I fall, I will rise with even more strength because I am a warrior and not a victim. I am in control of my life, and there is nothing I cannot achieve.”

In another post, she confronted disloyal friends, calling them ‘Snakes’:

“Snakes don’t hiss anymore… they call you love, babe, sis, bro. These so-called ‘friends’ in my life only know how to ask for financial help or inquire about job opportunities.

They update me on rumors or, as soon as I make national headlines, they ask me silly questions quickly. I’ve marked you, and your days are numbered.

I will shame you in front of your face and the world. If you come to me again like that, saying, ‘Ella, you are this…Ella, you are that,’ come… I’m waiting.”

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