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Inside Kelvin Kiptum’s multimillion house in Iten

by Paul Nyongesa
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The Kenyan government swiftly constructed a home for the family of the late athlete, Kelvin Kiptum. Kiptum, a promising athlete, tragically lost his life in a single-vehicle accident on February 11, 2024, leaving behind his grieving family.

However, amidst the sorrow,  the government took decisive action to ensure that Kiptum’s family had a place to call home.

The initiative began when it came to light that Kiptum, despite his athletic prowess, did not have a permanent residence for his family.

Recognizing the importance of providing stability and support during such a challenging time, President William Ruto ordered the construction of a house for the Kiptum family.

Remarkably, the government set an ambitious timeline of just seven days to complete the construction.

Photos documenting the construction process from its inception to the final furnishing reveal the dedication and attention to detail invested in the project.

The house was constructed primarily of steel beams, cement boards, and plywood.

It also features a  suspended foundation and iron sheet roofing.

One striking feature of the newly constructed home is its large floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer abundant natural light and a sense of openness to the living space.

Unlike many Kenyan homes, these windows lack burglar-proof grills.

Stepping inside the house, visitors are greeted by an inviting open-plan living room and kitchen area. The predominant beige theme, echoed in the furnishings and décor, exudes warmth and tranquility—a comforting refuge for the grieving family.

Despite its modest size, the kitchen is thoughtfully designed, albeit with limited counter space—a practical consideration that reflects the constraints of the available floor area.

The house comprises a master bedroom adorned with soft hues and a cozy ambiance, providing a serene retreat for Kiptum’s widow. Adjacent to it lies what is presumed to be the children’s bedroom, complete with a double-decker bed.

In addition to constructing a home for the Kiptum family, plans are underway to build a house for the late athlete’s father—a testament to the government’s comprehensive approach to supporting bereaved families.


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