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Fans Threaten to Stop Listening to Luo Ohangla Maestro Prince Indah’s Songs After ‘Mali Safi’ Hit

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the wake of their recent collaboration, “Mali Safi,” Kenyan musicians Nadia Mukami, Prince Indah, and Max Okello have found themselves amidst a storm of criticism regarding their musical choices.

The song, which marks a departure from the traditional Ohangla style, has prompted mixed reactions from fans, particularly those of Indah and Okello.

Released just a few days ago, “Mali Safi” has garnered attention not only for its catchy tunes but also for the unexpected shift in genre.

While Nadia Mukami’s versatile style has allowed her to seamlessly adapt to various musical genres, it is the departure of Prince Indah and Max Okello from their usual Ohangla sound that has sparked controversy.

Critics argue that by deviating from their roots, Indah and Okello risk alienating their loyal fan base, who have come to expect and appreciate their mastery of the traditional Luo music genre.

Some fans have even gone as far as threatening to abandon the artists altogether if they continue down this new musical path.

However, the artists themselves have not shied away from addressing the criticism head-on. Nadia Mukami took to TikTok to defend her collaborators, emphasizing the importance of musical diversity and collaboration across genres.

She reminded fans that music is fluid and transcends boundaries, urging them to embrace change and evolution.

Similarly, Max Okello responded with a message of resilience and artistic freedom.

“Positive criticism is healthy but there’s always a thin line between projecting your own preference and actually trying to make things better. I saw this being projected on my brother Prince Indah on our beautiful collaboration with nadia_mukami #malisafi.

“You find something not tickling your fancy, move on to the next. Sasa Kama huyu hapa ni nani na anaenda wapi? Kama ni kijaluo alikuwa anataka si nimeiimba kwa hiyoafrobeat/amapiano, don’t try box me. I’m like water, I can be in any form, liquid, solid, and steam. Pick your box and sit in it,”.

Prince Indah echoed similar sentiments, asserting his determination to prioritize his own artistic vision over external opinions. He reassured fans that their happiness and support remain his top priority but made it clear that he would not be swayed by criticism.

“We will keep pushing and we will do whatever it takes to make my fans happy. I know what I want. I know what I am aiming for, nobody else. It’s only me who has the blueprints, so whoever is not happy that’s not my problem, Most importantly is that my fans are happy and they keep on supporting me. If someone is not happy I’m sorry for them,”.

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