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Eve Mungai Lands New Role Days After Being Dumped by Director Trevor

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the past week, social media has been abuzz with the breakup between content creator and influencer Eve Mungai and her boyfriend, Director Trevor.

The attention of Kenyans was not only captured by their breakup but also by Trevor’s announcement that he would be taking over their once-shared social media platforms.

On Monday, February 19, Trevor made a bold declaration, stating that he had terminated Eve Mungai’s services and assumed full control of their joint social media accounts.

He further announced that Eve would no longer receive her customary share of the income generated by their previously co-owned channels.

Trevor unveiled the channels’ new identity, rebranding them as ‘Kenya Online Media (KOM)’, with the changes effective from Tuesday, February 20.

“No! Her services are no longer needed on the following platforms: YouTube – 754K subscribers, Insta Fame – 104K subscribers, Facebook – 874K followers,” Trevor responded when questioned about his future collaboration with Eve Mungai.

Following Trevor’s actions, Kenyans took to their social media platforms to encourage Eve Mungai to launch her own new YouTube channel. Supporters pledged overwhelming support and urged her not to delay any further.

“Leta hiyo YouTube we follow pap,” wrote Nyce Wanjeri.

“Hey Eve, please create a new YouTube channel. We miss you,” said Delo Geto.

“Come let’s create a new YouTube channel😂,” added Nicholas Murimi.

“Unachelewesha mbogi..fungua hio channel haraka!” encouraged Bobo actress.

“Waiting for another YouTube channel to subscribe and support 👌,” expressed Kristina.

“Create a YouTube channel…we will support you,” Ndirangu Winnie affirmed.

“Baby girl Eve, hiyo YouTube naiyo naiyo tuazane nayo tuna subscribe mpaka watashanga go go Eve, always tuko nyuma yako team Eve and team strong kutoka gulf 😍🔥,” wrote Mary Muthoni.

“Create another YouTube channel we subscribe to again,” urged DJ Matrix.

“We are ready for your channel,” declared Ethan.

“We are ready to support you, baby girl..❤️,” added Ruth Njeri.

However, it has now emerged that Eve has already diversified into brand marketing, an area she had been exploring alongside her content creation endeavors.

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