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Another Top KTN News Anchor Quits as Financial Turmoil Continues to Bite

by Paul Nyongesa
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In recent weeks, the Standard Group-owned TV station KTN has witnessed the departure of two prominent media personalities, Brenda Czeda Radido and Claudia Naisabwa.

Both journalists shared heartfelt messages expressing gratitude and nostalgia as they marked the end of their respective journeys with KTN.

Brenda Czeda Radido, in an announcement on January 31, 2024, revealed the conclusion of her five-year stint with KTN.

In her exit message, she credited KTN for shaping her into the journalist she is today and taking her to places she never imagined.

The emotional farewell included expressions of thanks to the KTN management for their unwavering support throughout her tenure.

“And just like that. My five-year stay at the Standard Group @ktnnews has come to an end. @ktnnews has built me and made me who I am today – the brand BRENDA CZEDA RADIDO. @ktnnews has taken me to places I never thought of nor imagined,” Brenda shared, acknowledging the significant role KTN played in her professional growth.

She went on to express her gratitude to everyone who allowed her to share their stories on the KTN platform, extending heartfelt thanks to her colleagues and bosses.

Brenda’s departure was marked by a surprise farewell party organized by her coworkers, underlining the camaraderie and teamwork that defined her time at KTN.

Claudia Naisabwa, another media personality associated with KTN, bid farewell over the weekend after hosting “Str8Up Live.” Claudia, who marked three years in the media industry, thanked KTN for the amazing opportunities and reflected on the emotional impact of leaving the only TV family she had known for two years.

“As I mark 3 years in the media industry today, I bid KTN goodbye. THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!! Str8up was my baby,” Claudia expressed, encapsulating the sentiment of leaving a show that held personal significance for her.

Claudia’s departure was also accompanied by a surprise farewell party, a testament to the strong bonds formed within the KTN team

. She hinted at an upcoming announcement regarding her new professional home, leaving viewers and fans eager to learn about her next venture.


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