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Andrew Kibe: Private Schools Make Children Weak

by Paul Nyongesa
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Many parents have always been under the impression that enrolling their children in private schools will lead to better academic performance compared to public schools.

However, this opinion is contradicted by Kenyan popular blogger Andrew Kibe, who believes that parents who opt for private schooling actually make their children weaker.

In a TikTok video defending his stance, Kibe, who claims to have firsthand experience, recounts how he initially enrolled his son in a private school but later transferred him to a public school upon noticing signs of weakness.

“I observed my son becoming frail, and I made the decision to switch him to a public school environment where he would have to contend with the challenges faced by other boys, including those from less privileged backgrounds,” Kibe explained.

His views garnered significant attention, prompting various reactions from Kenyan citizens.

Amoko joble:I can confirm. I had a girl in a private school and she was getting weak. I took her to Doonholm primary. She almost broke down, but I’m a proud father today.

Jim Ndegwa: There was a guy whom I studied with in high school. A son of a governor. He really struggled to adjust pale high school. The CEO of grand acres pia confessed that he really struggled to adjust at Alliance because of how he was cultured at Kilimani Academy.

O54: The difference between public and private is public is in private there is alot of strictness since it is someone’s business thus freedom is limited but in public its the government business hence no one cares about what your child will do…

George Kim: Very true Kifee. My kids had a rough time transitioning from Riara primary academy to public high school. Took them one year plus but am very happy offlate. They have realized we have kids who cannot afford school fees based on their financial background .

Young macwizzy: True! children in “private schools” aren’t even at risk of dieing from food poisoning, bullying or teacher’s beating, they can’t even get raped for lack of fees, public schools ensure kids are tough and ready to be kenyan citizens.

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