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Zuchu’s Ex-Boyfriend Clam Vevo Finally Reveals Why he Dumped Her for Diamond

by Paul Nyongesa
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Comedian Clam Vevo, who claims to be the former lover of musician Zuchu, has revealed the intricate details of their failed relationship after Zuchu signed with the WCB label.

In an emotional interview with a blog, Clam recounted how their love story began in 2015, both leading modest lives. However, as Zuchu’s career soared, a significant gap emerged in their lives, leading to the demise of their relationship.

“Truthfully, she is the one who propelled me to where I am today. People see Clam doing well, but they don’t know the source, and it’s Zuchu. So, it’s her words, the way we lived, and how our relationship died that fueled my determination to succeed,” he explained.

Clam addressed a message he posted on Instagram last week after Diamond announced his separation from Zuchu. In the message, Clam pleaded with Zuchu to reconsider and claimed that he had transformed into a different person from when they parted ways.

“I was expressing my feelings there, talking about everything and inviting her back into my life officially once again. I told her that things have changed, how I used to be is not how I am now,” he revealed.

However, he expressed disappointment after learning that Diamond had rescinded his earlier statement about breaking up with Zuchu. Despite this, Clam maintained that, when expressing his feelings, he believed they had indeed parted ways.

“Life has many complexities; people go through a lot in life. I saw people saying that Zuchu and I are in different leagues. However, they don’t know that I am not talking about the current Zuchu; I am talking about Zuhura from 2015. Those who understand and remember will recognize how Zuhura and I used to love each other,” he explained.

Clam acknowledged the depth of Zuchu’s love for him, attributing their breakup to financial reasons, especially after Zuchu signed with WCB. The shift in circumstances created a significant gap, leading to their separation, as Clam was still in the process of adapting to urban life after leaving his rural hometown.

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