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We’ll cut your budget if you don’t behave – UDA MP accused of raping tells Judiciary

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Mogotio Member of Parliament Reuben Kiborek has issued a stern warning to the Judiciary, suggesting that they risk facing significant budgetary cuts if they continue to oppose the implementation of the Housing Levy.

The dispute comes on the heels of a recent Court of Appeal ruling declaring the mandatory Housing Levy as illegal.

Kiborek, speaking on Sunday, accused the Judiciary of obstructing projects that could bring tangible benefits to the lives of Kenyans through their rulings on the Housing Levy.

He emphasized that as members of Parliament, they hold the power to shape the national budget and proposed slashing the entire Judiciary budget if they fail to comply with the Housing Levy.

“The Judiciary is blocking beneficial projects to Kenyans through its rulings. If they refuse to behave, let’s slash their entire budget until they walk and ride bicycles in town for them to understand what the jobless Kenyans experience every day,” Kiborek asserted during his address.

The conflict stems from a Court of Appeal decision on Friday, which declared the mandatory Housing Levy illegal.

The appellate judges reasoned that affirming the constitutional invalidity of the challenged laws could have far-reaching consequences. They insisted that it is in the public interest for the appeal to be heard before any decisions are finalized.

The Attorney General and the National Treasury have expressed concerns that the suspension of the Housing Levy could lead to a massive budgetary crisis and confusion in the country.

On the other side of the dispute, President William Ruto defended the housing program, characterizing it as a crucial element of his plan to generate employment for the nation’s jobless youth.


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