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Viral Nanny Rosie declines a well-paying job in Canada only to end up returning to Lebanon

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Bi Roseline Atieno Oyola, commonly known as Nanny Rosie, a Kenyan woman who gained significant popularity on social media towards the end of last year following a highly emotional farewell video as she bid goodbye to her employer’s family in Lebanon, has now returned to the Middle Eastern country.

Rosie arrived in Lebanon at an undisclosed time and was warmly welcomed at the airport by her employer and the two young children whom she had been taking care of, and who seemed to have developed a deep affection for her.

A video shared by Rosie’s employer showed the children rushing towards her before embracing her with love. “Rosie, you’ve returned. You’re back here, Rosie. We missed you,” Rosie’s employer joyfully exclaimed in the video.

The Kenyan woman from Bondo in Siaya County appeared overwhelmed with emotions as she hugged her employer’s children. “I missed you so much,” Rosie told the two children with great emotion.

The mother of three has returned to Lebanon nearly two months after bidding farewell to the Middle Eastern country to be with her family in Kenya.

She astonished everyone when she declined an offer to relocate to Canada after Catherine Joe, the director of Vintmark Travel Agency, proposed a job with a salary of Ksh 30,000 and a sponsored student visa.

‘Catherine Joe is searching for the viral Lebanese nanny and is offering two options – a temporary nanny job with remuneration starting from Ksh 30,000. She can work for her while awaiting the documentation process for Canada.’ Content creator Divinar Joseph stated.

This decision comes despite Rosie’s employer advising her against returning to work in Lebanon and encouraging her to stay in Kenya with her family.

Last month, Rosie’s boss, identified as Maria Cataleya on the TikTok platform, expressed her hope that Rosie would return but confessed that deep down, she hoped Rosie wouldn’t. When asked why, Maria responded, “Well, Maria is a very humane person. Of course, I hope she comes back. But I don’t think so. It’s like I don’t want her to come back. I want her to enjoy her time with her children and maybe stay with them.”

The employer from Lebanon stated in a TikTok video that garnered over 2.4 million views and was liked by over 106.1k within 24 hours of posting.

The mother of four added, “If I were her, I would stay in Kenya with my children. I wouldn’t return to Lebanon, but it’s up to her.”

Maria went on to openly express her belief that the emotionally charged video that went viral on social media could open doors to better opportunities for Rosie outside of Lebanon. “I’m sure after this online video, she’ll be able to find better opportunities than returning to Lebanon,” Rosie’s employer stated.

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