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Victor Kanyari: How I Used the ‘Panda Mbegu ya 310’ Campaign to Con Kenyans

by Paul Nyongesa
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Controversial Kenyan preacher Prophet Victor Kanyari has made a startling confession, revealing that the infamous ‘Mbegu ya 310’ campaign, known for its promises of blessings and miracles, was nothing more than a strategic move to escape poverty.

During a recent sermon at his Salvation Healing Ministry church in Nairobi, Kanyari openly admitted that the plea for his followers to plant a seed worth Ksh310 was not motivated by a desire to bestow blessings upon them. Instead, it was a desperate measure to alleviate his own financial struggles.

Kanyari, who once claimed to be the top preacher in Nairobi, asserted, “Mimi ndio nilikuwa mhubiri anaongea Nairobi, hakukua na mwingine” (I was the preacher talking in Nairobi; there was no one else). He contrasted himself with other prominent pastors, Ezekiel and Ng’ang’a, emphasizing that despite being the prominent voice in the city, financial difficulties had left him broke.

The controversial pastor detailed how he initiated the ‘Mbegu ya 310’ campaign out of desperation. He urged his followers to sow a seed of Ksh310, claiming it was a divine requirement. However, in his recent confession, Kanyari disclosed that he was driven by his dire financial situation, rather than a divine directive.

While acknowledging the questionable motive behind the seed planting ritual, Kanyari maintained that he possessed the anointing to perform miracles, including healing and deliverance.

“Nikaanza kuitisha 310, lakini sikujua Mungu alinipatia akili na maarifa, pesa nitajitafutia” (I started asking for 310, but I didn’t know God had given me wisdom and knowledge; I would find money on my own), he shared during the sermon.

The preacher, whose antics were exposed in a 2014 investigative report by KTN’s Jicho Pevu, revealed that although his initial motive was financial gain, he later realized he had been bestowed with an anointing for healing. This apparent divine gift, according to Kanyari, allowed him to perform miracles despite the tainted origins of the ‘Mbegu ya 310’ campaign.

Following the exposé in 2014, Kanyari faced public scrutiny, and his marriage with Kikuyu gospel singer Betty Bayo came to an end. The investigative report had revealed that the miracles and blessings attributed to the seed planting ritual were meticulously stage-managed.

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