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Type of Weapon The Nigerian Killer Used to Kill 20 year old woman In TRM Roysambu Apartment

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A Nigerian citizen, considered a primary suspect in the homicide of a 20-year-old in a Roysambu apartment, got apprehended at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) following information from the public.

Numerous accounts suggested that various individuals at the airport recognized the individual as resembling the one depicted in CCTV footage.

Law enforcement had shared video footage showing the suspect entering a mini-supermarket along TRM Drive to collect the key for the short-term rental residence he had reserved.

However, the footage only partially revealed the suspect’s face, as he wore a cap to conceal his identity.

Acting on the tip-off, detectives arrested the suspect, who allegedly had plans to fly to Abuja.

Subsequently, he was taken to Kasarani Police Station for questioning alongside two other individuals connected to the brutal murder. Nevertheless, the suspect was reportedly relocated to an undisclosed location shortly thereafter.

A source within the police, familiar with the case, informed the media that they are yet to confirm whether the detained foreigner matches the person in the CCTV footage. He added that investigations were ongoing to identify the true culprits and uncover the motive behind the murder.

“The suspect is a foreign national, but officers are still determining his connection to the woman’s murder. Investigations are ongoing,” the source disclosed.

Law enforcement mentioned that the assailant utilized a hacksaw to commit the crime inside the bathroom of the rented residence. Preliminary findings also indicated no signs of a struggle, suggesting the victim was lured to her demise.

“We strongly suspect the murderer drugged the woman before taking her life,” the source elaborated.

Following the incident last Sunday, neighbors of the rental house were questioned to assist in the investigation but were subsequently released.

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