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The Ugly Side of Popular Car Dealer Khalif Kairo: Unmasking Deceit and Betrayal in the Shadows

by Paul Nyongesa
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In recent weeks, the digital realm has been buzzing with a riveting saga of betrayal, alleged deceit, and corporate intrigue involving two prominent figures in the car dealership world – Khalif Kairo and Clement Kimani.

As the online spat continues to unfold, it reveals a convoluted narrative of friendship turned sour, financial improprieties, and personal vendettas.

The saga originated in early 2020 when Clement Kimani, a multifaceted city car dealer, started a car importation, recruiting Khalif Kairo to manage marketing and online services.

This collaboration took an unfortunate turn in 2021 when Kairo, who had initially sold his social media pages to IBK, abruptly resigned, setting off a chain of events that would tarnish their professional relationship.

Having poured resources into the venture and recognizing Kairo’s contributions, Kimani had, in good faith, offered Kairo shares, envisioning mutual growth.

However, Kairo’s subsequent departure revealed a darker side, as he clandestinely engaged in transactions aimed at undermining the company, particularly in association with his now-ex-girlfriend, Caroline Maina.

Clement Kimani also paid for Kairo’s ticket to Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia, facilitating his meeting with one of their key trade partners, Japan CO LTD. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss various aspects of expanding their business in luxury car importation.

To Kimani’s surprise, he later discovered that Kairo had lied to investors, portraying Kimani as a junior partner.

In a deceitful move, Kairo clandestinely established a company behind Kimani’s back, all the while maintaining his employment with Kimani.

“He accused Kimani of the 100M deal, claiming that he was a senior partner who secured a deal from a Singapore investor named GAUTAM SHARMA. However, it was only when the Singapore investors discovered it that Kairo was revealed to be a serious fraudster. He further accused Kimani of greed, alleging that Kimani attracted investors, yet he was the one who obtained them and ultimately decided to sink the company.” A reliable source closely associated with IBK shared this information with the reporter.
Kairo is accused not only of orchestrating the 100M deal deception but also of harboring a persistent aversion to seeing Kimani in the spotlight, a matter that continually irked him. He meticulously crafted an illusion, leading people to believe that he was the exclusive proprietor of IBK, relishing the limelight and taking sole credit for the company’s successes.

Shocking revelations emerged in 2022 when Kimani learned that, while still on the payroll and receiving a monthly salary of Ksh 200,000, Kairo was surreptitiously selling spare parts to potentially cripple the company.

The news reached Kimani through a friend in Dubai, shedding light on the betrayal.

Clement Kimani, who had initially supported Kairo by paying his house rent for three months and even purchasing a high-value VW car for him, found himself on the receiving end of betrayal.

Blogger Rein Asamoh added fuel to the fire by claiming that Kairo, in a surprising turn of events, allegedly betrayed Clement by secretly photographing him with different women and forwarding the images to his wife.

The consequences were severe – Clement’s marriage crumbled under the weight of the exposed extramarital affairs.

“Hahaha @KhalifKairo. is indeed a woman. 

“So he was taking pictures and sending messages to wife of clement how he was cheating on her. 

“The wife divorced the husband. Men used to be men. 

“The truth will come out and folks will understand the “ car “ business,’’ wrote Asamoh.

 Kairo is also accused of ending his relationship with his girlfriend, Caroline Maina, and taking control of the car dealership along with threats to her shares at Kairo & Karo Holdings Limited.

In the email sent to Kairo by Caroline Maina, she accused Kairo as quoted, ‘You are advised to keep personal issues away from the running and operations of the company as it is a distinct and autonomous organism,’ the email read in parts.

‘I am aware that the reason for your actions is that you wish to apply for a facility using the company’s assets for personal benefits, and I do not approve of the same due to the lack of my involvement. Unless the same is done with my consent.’

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