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Sonko Leaks Video of Conjestina’s Family Wrangles and Reveals How Flight Back to Nairobi Led to Her Return to the Village

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has broken his silence days after reports went viral that former boxing queen Conjestina Achieng had returned to her previous deteriorating state in their village in Siaya.

The former governor, Mike Sonko, leaked phone call conversations with Conjestina’s family on Friday, revealing how she left after a minor misunderstanding.

AChieng, known for her achievements in the boxing ring, according to Sonko, felt upset after failing to catch a plane back to Nairobi from Mombasa, as all flights were fully booked.

This left the former governor with no option but to make her travel to Nairobi by bus, which further upset her.

“I needed to go to court, and a warrant of arrest could have been issued against me if I failed. Conjestina was upset that I did not get her a plane ticket and put her on the bus. My team also traveled with the SGR,” Sonko said.

Her upset made her contemplate the unthinkable as she had to return to her home in the village in Siaya.

“Others were criticizing and accusing me of playing PR and vipindiree. I hereby wish to respond with facts as hereunder: Kenyans, I did my best to help Conje, but her family watered down my efforts,” Sonko stated.

The former governor added that he had opposed the family’s decision to recall Conjestina from his care, as they were not prepared to monitor her well and ensure she continued with her rehabilitation.

“Fortunately, my heart is bigger than mine. At times, I fail to control it for the love I have for the people, especially the less fortunate, and I think this is the reason I initially gave Conjee the first, second, and now maybe I will be forced to give a third and final chance,” he stated, hinting at ending the feud with the boxer’s family.

Sonko’s revelation comes days after media personality Carol Radul recently shared poignant moments from her visit to the home of former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng.

Radul, who has been actively following Achieng’s journey, revealed that she visited her in Yala, where Achieng has been residing for the past two months.

The media personality, through her social media platforms, provided a glimpse into Achieng’s world and expressed deep concern for the former boxing champion’s well-being.

“On 2nd Jan, I visited my friend Conjestina Achieng in her shags in Yala. She’s been there about 2 months and is back to her same lifestyle. 😔 She has good days and bad days,” Radul shared, painting a vivid picture of the challenges Achieng continues to face.

Despite the tumultuous nature of Achieng’s current circumstances, Radul’s presence brought a moment of joy to her.

Radul recounted arriving on a day when Achieng was having a particularly difficult time, yet her face lit up upon seeing her visitor.

The two engaged in a heartfelt conversation, attempting to bridge the gap created by the limitations of their circumstances.

“When I arrived, she was having a bad day, but her face lit up when she saw me, and we chatted for a long time as best we could. I tried with my layman ability to gently encourage her to ‘clean up her act,'” Radul shared.

Acknowledging the challenges in finding a sustainable solution for Achieng’s predicament, Radul emphasized her commitment to offering support in any way possible.

She urged others to contribute to Achieng’s well-being by visiting, checking in on Achieng’s family, and providing assistance if they find themselves in the Yala area.

“What I can do though is be her friend. Visit her when I can. Call her Mum from time to time to check in on them. If you are ever in the Yala area; drop in and say hey. She’ll love it. Do a bit of shopping for her Mum who looks after her. Mama is always so appreciative. And pray for the family,” Radul encouraged, rallying support for Achieng beyond the confines of social media.

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