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‘Sitaki Watoto Wanasumbua Sana’ Kamene Goro Not Ready To Get Pregnant

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Engaging in a lively session of Questions and Answers (Q&A) with her followers on Instagram, Kamene divulged a multitude of insights. Among the inquiries was the matter of when she intended to welcome her first child into the world.

“Could you give us a hint as to when we might anticipate the arrival of your baby?” was the question posed to Kamene.

Her response was candid, “You’ll have to wait a while longer for that…”

In 2022, Kamene revealed that many of her contemporaries were encouraging her to contemplate parenthood, but she expressed that she was not prepared for it at that juncture. She underscored the importance of meticulous planning and financial independence before embarking on the journey of pregnancy, asserting that women should purposefully shape their lives.

“A multitude of people have been reminding me that I’m approaching 30 and implying that it’s about time I started contemplating motherhood. To them, I explain, ‘Listen, I aspire for my children to attend superior educational institutions compared to the one I attended, and that comes with a hefty price tag—an expense I’m not currently equipped to bear,’” Kamene articulated.

“For the present moment, the prospect of pregnancy is beyond my means; I’m simply not ready to embark on that path,” she added definitively.

During a separate interview, the radio host disclosed that she wasn’t prepared to shoulder the array of sacrifices intertwined with the journey of childbearing.

“Having kids isn’t part of my current plan. The endeavour seems rather laborious, entailing numerous sacrifices and expenses that I’m inclined to avoid. Additionally, the cost implications are substantial—contemplating tuition fees, medical care, and more,” she remarked.

“Why would I want a miniature version of myself? The notion doesn’t resonate with me,” she quipped.

Furthermore, the 29-year-old expounded that the course of pregnancy imposes significant limitations and demands an excessive amount of time, which isn’t quite aligned with her preferences.

“The entirety of nine months appears rather protracted, and the accounts I’ve heard about the pregnancy journey have given rise to trepidation. Then there’s the process of childbirth itself—an ordeal not to be taken lightly. I’m resolute in my desire to maintain complete autonomy over my existence. I envision waking up one day and deciding, ‘I’d like to journey to Zanzibar,’” she conveyed.

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