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Shocking: Woman Narrates How John Matara Lured Her into Airbnb, Stabbed Her, and Demanded Password Just 5 Days Before Starlet Wahu’s Murder

by Paul Nyongesa
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The main suspect, John Matara, is once again under the scrutiny of law enforcement after a new victim emerged, shedding light on a harrowing encounter that occurred just five days before the gruesome murder of socialite Starlet Wahu.

Starlet Wahu, the sister of controversial preacher Pastor Victor Kanyari, met her tragic end in a South B Airbnb.

The crime scene painted a chilling picture of violence, with her lifeless body found in a pool of blood in room Y32 of the Papino building.

Matara, captured on CCTV footage, was seen in the company of the victim on the night of the tragic event, leading investigators to piece together a night that turned ordinary into a scene of horror.

The disturbing details surrounding the new victim’s account reveal a pattern of manipulation and brutality.

On December 29, 2023, Matara allegedly lured another woman into a similar trap, booking an Airbnb where they spent time before the suspect assaulted and stabbed her with a kitchen knife.

The victim, who bravely spoke to a local publication, described the ordeal of being tortured with a hot iron box in an attempt to force her to reveal her phone password.

“Alinifinya akanigwara mapaja na mwili, I was being subjected to this so that I can give him my password. Anakuchoma na ironbox so that ufungue simu password,” she recounted, revealing the horrifying tactics used by Matara to control and harm his victims.

Starlet Wahu’s tragic fate unfolded as a distress call reached the police, leading them to the locked apartment where her lifeless body lay.

Preliminary findings suggested that the pair had rented the apartment for what appeared to be a night out.

Among the discovered items were a HIV testing kit displaying negative results, used condoms, the victim’s clothes, a mobile phone, alcohol, and a knife believed to be the murder weapon.

Police Commander Judith Nyongesa of Makadara shared, “We found the woman had bled to death. The victim suffered a quick death.” The examination of the victim’s body revealed bruises and stab wounds around the thighs, indicating a desperate attempt to seek help tragically cut short near the apartment’s entrance.

As investigators worked diligently to piece together the motive behind these gruesome acts, they traced Matara’s mobile phone to a local hospital in Nairobi, where he was undergoing treatment for a stab wound.

The suspect has since been taken into custody, offering a glimpse of hope for justice to prevail.

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