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Says Scar-Wakadinali: Women should get married early to prevent rampant killings

by Samantha
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On social media, Kenyans have continued to express their opinions following a controversial proposal made by the popular rapper Scar of the Wakadinali group on how to reduce the rampant cases of women murders in Kenya.

In his statement on Saturday evening, Scar used his social media pages to suggest that one way to reduce the killings of women is to encourage girls to get married before the age of 23.

Scar claimed that by marrying early, women would be more responsible, as married women are less likely to meet other men in guest rooms or visit entertainment venues.

“One way to reduce the murders of women is to advise our women to get married at the age of 23,” Scar said through his Instastory.

He added, “Married women don’t often go to Airbnb and clubs. This is not rocket science, come on #RongRende.”

In another statement on Twitter, he called for an end to the murders of women but also took the opportunity to advocate for teaching young people the importance of love.

However, Scar’s proposal received mixed reactions from Kenyan netizens, with some expressing support while many others criticized him.

Kassim Lutta: Let us educate our children to grow up knowing that life is sacred, and only God can take it away. Also, teach them that there is no shortcut to a good life.

Nginga: The solution is to teach children to avoid greed. There are no easy ways, as people were taught in the past through home and church education.

@RealRonaks: People are avoiding or missing the part of “one way of reducing femicide…”. Kenyans, we have a long way to go.

@tsuro25: More women are murdered by their husbands, in their homes, while pregnant. You are an idiot.

@felixnewkid: He said “one way,” not the only way. Relax.

@ziggy_hynis: Marry? How will frustrated, broke, and idle men take care of a woman? It will just be war and more killings.

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