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Nuru Okanga Under Fire Over Photo with White Fan ‘Who Allegedly Came to See Him

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The staunch defender of the One Kenya Alliance leader Raila Odinga’s policies, Nuru Okanga, has surprised many of his fans by claiming that his enthusiastic fan from the Netherlands recently visited Kenya just to see him.

Okanga posted a photo with the Dutch fan, stating that the purpose of the visit was solely to meet him.

“Meet my white fan from the Netherlands who traveled to this country just to see me,” Okanga captioned the photo.

Despite making it clear that the foreigner is just a fan who came to see him, social media users turned the tables on Okanga, hurling insults and demanding a better explanation.

In the comments section of the post, many accused Okanga of engaging in homosexuality with the foreigner, while others insulted him for allowing himself to be seen by a foreigner as if he were a wild animal.

Here are some comments from his fans:

“Nuru Maloba Okanga, is seeing you like visiting a monkey in the zoo?” asked someone identifying as Yesu wa Tongaren.

“How do you hold a man, Ivo, or are you a SIM card?” said Oliver Kasigane Ngusale.

“This is homosexuality,” said Fabby Fabbiano KE.

“Okanga, be careful with these white people; you might end up in Holland just to be seen by a boy,” warned Prince Kevo.

“That’s your lady; we are not fools,” Charles Dickens told him.

“Be careful; masters are becoming mistresses nowadays,” commented John Edward KE.

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