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Njeri Muigai: I am still Single

by Samantha
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In a recent interview with Kameme FM, life coach and influencer Njeri Muigai shared intimate details about her separation from Kikuyu gospel artist Muigai wa Njoroge.

Breaking her silence on the matter, the 41-year-old mother of four revealed that despite her best efforts to salvage her marriage, it ultimately did not work out.

The conversation, led by Muthoni wa Kirumba alias BabyTop, delved into Njeri’s personal life, addressing the question of her marital status. When asked if she was still married, she replied, “Not anymore. We tried our best but it did not work.”

Though no specific timelines or details about divorce proceedings were disclosed, Njeri spoke with a sense of acceptance and maturity about the situation.

While discussing her separation, Njeri Muigai expressed gratitude for her ex-husband’s role as a father to their children. She took a commendable stance by wishing him and his new partner blessings, highlighting a level of mutual respect amidst the challenging circumstances.

This revelation follows Njeri’s previous discussion about surviving polygamy, a topic that turned out to be one of her childhood fears. Growing up in a household with her father managing two families, Njeri carried these experiences into her own marriage. She recounted how she met Muigai, and after a brief courtship of three days, they got married.

The initial years were filled with wedded bliss, marked by the birth of their firstborn daughter, who is now 21 years old.

However, the dynamics of Njeri’s marriage changed when Muigai wa Njoroge expressed his desire for a polygamous union barely two months into their marriage.

Njeri, at the time, dismissed it as a playful remark, only to see it materialize with the introduction of a second wife, Queen Stacy, nine years into their union.

The revelation left Njeri grappling with the emotional turmoil of being left alone with their children while her husband moved in with his new spouse.

The pain was so profound that Njeri turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism, leading to a two-year struggle with alcoholism. She confessed to drinking from morning to evening, and sometimes overnight, as she dealt with the bitterness and heartbreak.

“I used to drink from morning to evening, and at the time I was broke. I was bitter and I hated men. I even contemplated suicide,” she shared during the interview.

It took Njeri five years to come to terms with her situation and find healthier ways to cope. Despite her acceptance, she acknowledged that she doesn’t appreciate how she initially handled the challenges that life threw at her.

Remarkably, on Valentine’s Day in 2023, the trio of Muigai wa Njoroge, Njeri Muigai, and Queen Stacy surprised fans by displaying a loving and peaceful household. Muigai wa Njoroge publicly expressed his gratitude for both wives, celebrating their patience, support, and unity.

“Good morning my friends. Today being Valentine’s Day, I would like to celebrate my girls. These two decided to make me happy, to be patient with me, to support me and to fight for me. They chose us instead of being selfish, and bitter. Such people with such kind of hearts are few nowadays. May God help me to bring them honour and may they be blessed,” he wrote.

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