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Nilizaa na Wewe’: Pastor Nganga Tells His Church Congregants After Being Asked to Help in Form One Fundraising

by Paul Nyongesa
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Renowned for his controversial and often headline-making statements, Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a, the founder of Neno Evangelism, has once again made waves by issuing a stern warning to his congregants against inviting him to fundraisers for their children’s education.

In an undated church service that has garnered attention, Ng’ang’a passionately expressed his disapproval of being asked to contribute money for educational purposes.

“Some people are crazy. You’re calling me to come for a fundraiser for your child going to Form One. You expect me to come? Did we give birth together? Take back the child where they came from. Don’t bring nonsense to me. Didn’t you know you should have saved for their education since they were in Class One? I should contribute for your child to go to school?” Ng’ang’a exclaimed during the service, revealing his adamant stance on financial appeals.

This incident is not an isolated occurrence, as Ng’ang’a has previously rebuked individuals seeking financial assistance from him. In a viral video from 2020, he criticized congregants who habitually requested handouts, expressing his reluctance to provide monetary aid.

Ng’ang’a suggested that those in need should seek support from the government for rent and childcare expenses rather than approaching him.

Ng’ang’a’s firm stance against financial appeals extends beyond education-related fundraisers. He has criticized men who fail to pay dowry for women despite their parents educating them.

In one of his passionate sermons, Ng’ang’a emphasized the importance of financial responsibility in marriages, highlighting the disconnect between individuals claiming to be religious and their actions.

“If it’s marriage, you take other people’s daughters…you just create chaos. You don’t want to give dowry for that girl, and then you come saying ‘Praise the Lord.’ Praise Him for what? You are just a liar. Inside, you are an empty bag. The girl has left school, and you have also abandoned your home…now look at how things have gone wrong. Because even the parents themselves are not practicing worship,” he stated.

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