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‘Nilimdunga Kisu kwa Mguu tu’: Alleged Starlet Wahu Killer John Matara Speaks While in Custody

by Paul Nyongesa
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Police will continue to detain the murder suspect of Starlet Wahu for an additional 14 days to conclude the investigation into the incident.

On Thursday, Mr. John Matara, 34, admitted to stabbing Wahu in the leg but denied stabbing her in the chest and head as alleged. Wahu was the younger sister of Pastor Victor Kanyari.

The head of criminal investigations in Makadara sub-county, Martin Korongo said that his officers had 21 days to detain the main suspect, and as of Thursday, they had two weeks remaining to thoroughly investigate.

Mr. Matara is being held in a cell at the Industrial Area police station before being brought to court once the investigation is complete.

Additionally, Mr. Korongo said he is waiting for the police chief in the Ruiru crime unit to submit another file where Mr. Matara is linked to another case involving the forceful theft of money from another woman.

“I am waiting for my colleague from the Ruiru sub-county to bring the file and the sealed report from the CID department in the Njiru area where the suspect Magara is involved in a crime,” Mr. Korongo said.

He added that when Mr. Matara is with the officers, he appears calm, cooperates well, and talks less. “He is a person who seems calm, composed, and when inside the cell, he doesn’t talk much. He communicates well with us, but he is a very intelligent person,” Mr. Korongo said.

He further explained that in the second incident, the suspect is implicated in a crime where he ran away with a woman’s money through the M-Pesa platform.

After the completion of the investigation, he will consolidate both cases for charges of murder and robbery using force to be brought against Mr. Matara.

Mr. Matara has admitted to being ‘married’ and having one child but separated from his wife after a domestic dispute.

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