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Mlete sukari ama muende: Pastor Kanyari now tells his congregants

by Paul Nyongesa
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Pastor Victor Kanyari, the founder of Salvation and Healing Ministry, has ignited controversy with his stern warning to congregants.

In a viral video, the charismatic preacher declared that attendees must no longer come empty-handed, insisting on monetary contributions, as well as goods like sugar and tea leaves, or a cash offering of no less than Ksh 500.

Failure to comply, according to Kanyari, would lead to expulsion from the church.

“If you are not going to be bringing sugar, tea leaves, and bringing Ksh 500 for me to eat, I will chase you. You will not stay here; you will go away. If I am your father, you can’t be coming to see me empty-handed. If I am your spiritual father, you are not supposed to come see me empty-handed. You will not stay in this church,” warned Pastor Kanyari in the viral video.

This approach to congregational giving has sparked a heated debate about the ethics of demanding specific contributions from followers.

In another alarming incident captured on video, Kanyari was seen slapping a follower during a healing and deliverance session. The woman, identified as a house manager from Nairobi, sought prayer for a new job but found herself on the receiving end of unexpected aggression.

The pastor accused her of laziness and, after a brief prayer, handed her Ksh 1,000 before delivering another slap.


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