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“Mathare United Permanently Bans Kenyan Man Captured in Viral Video Threatening to Kill Women

by Paul Nyongesa
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he video of two unidentified men making derogatory remarks and issuing threatening statements against women has gained significant traction on social media, sparking outrage among Kenyan netizens.

The two men, featured in the video recorded in Jevanjee Gardens, Nairobi, during peaceful protests against the escalating murders of women on a Friday, have faced severe criticism from the public. Many Kenyans are calling for their arrest.

Renowned Kenyan activist Boniface Mwangi shared the video on his Twitter account, taking the opportunity to urge other men to join the protests against femicide. In the video, the two men express hostility towards women participating in peaceful demonstrations to end the rampant killings of women.

“This is why we, as Kenyan men, should speak boldly and loudly against femicide #EndFemicideKE. These two men, fueled by hatred, are threatening these girls, ‘We will kill you!'” Mwangi stated beneath the video he posted on Friday evening.

He added, “As a man and a father, these men do not speak for the men I know. @WilliamsRuto, where is your voice? #ShutDownKE.”

In the video, one of the men opposes the peaceful protests led by women advocating for an end to extreme cases of femicide. He claims that even men have suffered greatly at the hands of women who allegedly rob them of their money.

“We will kill you! We will kill you! As many as possible,” one of the individuals can be heard saying.

Another man standing nearby  who was Identified as Ronaldo, a mathare United fan, supported him, emphasizing that they will end the lives of women.

“Let me tell you, I can’t take you to Pizza and spend my money on you. Come on, no way. You will die! You will die! You women will die, let me tell you. You want a man’s money. You will die a lot,” he added.

After video footage emerged  Ronaldo who was captured insulting and giving irresponsible,  Kenya Premier league side, Mathare United  decided  to permanently ban him from attending their matches, coming to their premises, or associating with the team in any manner.
”Mathare United Women Team will not tolerate characters like him, who promote violence not only against women but against any human being.” Mathare United said in a statement

The video has received widespread condemnation from Kenyans, with numerous calls for the apprehension of the individuals involved.

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