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Luhya Lady Who Dumped Husband for Being a Bukusu Finally Speaks as She Gives Candid Reasons

by Paul Nyongesa
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Georgina Ludisi, a Luhya lady, recently revealed the shocking reason behind her decision to end a seven-month relationship with her lover, Raphael Situma, who happened to be Bukusu.

In an interview with TUKO.co.ke, Ludisi expressed her horror upon discovering that Situma belonged to a sub-tribe with traditions she found disturbing.

Ludisi cited the Bukusu practice of infanticide on one of the firstborn twins if they happened to be the initial children of a couple as a primary reason for the breakup. She also expressed her disgust towards the traditional circumcision ritual among Bukusu men, describing it as involving violence and bloodshed.

“I can’t marry a Bukusu man because their culture is dirty. I hate the traditional circumcision practice. They fight each other, and also they have this unique belief that in case the firstborn are twins they have to kill one,” Ludisi explained.

According to Ludisi, she ended the relationship as soon as she discovered Situma’s true identity, which he had concealed from her for an extended period. Feeling betrayed and deceived by the man she had loved and trusted, Ludisi emphasized that she has not yet moved on from the heartbreak but is not considering giving Situma another chance.

Ludisi emphasized her search for a partner who shares her values and respects her cultural background. Her decision to break up highlights the significance of cultural compatibility in relationships.

In response to Ludisi’s claims, TUKO.co.ke reached out to an elder from the Bukusu community, Nashon Wabuoba. He dismissed Ludisi’s allegations as outdated, stating that the tradition of killing one of the firstborn twins was a thing of the past, and the Bukusu people no longer practice it.

“We no longer encourage the practice. It used to be like that; we stopped since we are in the modern era,” Wabuoba clarified, challenging the perception of certain cultural practices held by Ludisi.

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