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Kitale Car Dealer Offers Woman Ksh 50,000 for a Night at an Airbnb, Only to Have the Woman Block Him

by Paul Nyongesa
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A WhatsApp conversation has taken the internet by storm after being shared on TikTok, revealing a fascinating yet somewhat disturbing exchange between a Kenyan lady named Natasha and a persistent man from Kitale named Joseph.

In the uploaded chat, Joseph unabashedly expressed his romantic interest in Natasha, going as far as suggesting a date at an Airbnb.

He showered compliments on Natasha, expressing his admiration for her beauty and entertaining videos on her platform.

To escalate matters, Joseph declared his desire to marry Natasha, stating, “I watched all your videos, and I agree you are a very beautiful lady. I don’t mind you having children; I will marry you. I am a businessman, and I have money to spoil you and buy you everything you want. I have had a crush on you since last year 😔, plis.”

However, Natasha promptly clarified her marital status, revealing that she was already a married woman.

Undeterred, Joseph persisted and went on to offer her 20,000 Kenyan shillings for a first date. Natasha, unswayed by the monetary offer, explained that her husband could provide more than Joseph was willing to offer and made it clear she was not interested.

Joseph, seemingly unyielding, increased the stakes by offering 50,000 Kenyan shillings if Natasha agreed to the date and opted to meet him at an Airbnb.

Natasha, understandably perplexed by the Airbnb suggestion, vehemently rejected his advances.

In response, she rebuked him, saying, “Ushindwe katika jina la yesu, shetani mkubwa wewe. Fire fire fire u**** m***** mkubwa wewe. Katika jina la yesu mkome ku wauwa watoto wa watu.”

Following this powerful response, Natasha blocked Joseph, putting an end to the relentless pursuit.

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