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Khalwale responds to claims he killed his farmhand after finding him in the act with his wife

by Paul Nyongesa
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The recent death of Kizito Moi, a long-time farmhand at the residence of Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, has stirred controversy and social media speculation, leading to accusations against the senator.

The 47-year-old worker’s lifeless body was discovered with multiple injuries in the stable of a bull he had diligently tended to for over two decades.

Senator Khalwale, known for his active role in Luhya cultural bullfighting, is facing scrutiny and allegations on social media platforms regarding the circumstances surrounding Kizito’s tragic demise.

Critics and online speculators have hinted at the possibility of foul play, suggesting that there might be more to the incident than meets the eye.

Kakamega businessman Toto Shimanyula has gone as far as alleging a cover-up and has called upon the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

In response to these allegations, Senator Khalwale vehemently dismissed them, questioning their credibility and emphasizing the need for information from verified sources.

In a phone interview with The Star, he expressed his astonishment at the accusations, stating, “You are telling me to respond to claims from social media? Really! Really! Really.” Khalwale insisted that he would prefer claims from credible and verified accounts, highlighting the importance of relying on factual information.

Attempting to shed light on the situation, the senator called for transparency by holding a press conference in the presence of law enforcement at his compound. During the conference, he defended his actions and insisted that there was no cover-up. Khalwale explained that the tragic incident occurred during cultural rites, leading him to perform the solemn act of killing the bull, named ‘Inasio,’ in accordance with Luhya cultural practices.

Despite the senator’s efforts to address the allegations, social media continues to buzz with discussions and speculations. Khalwale, however, remains resolute in his stance, inviting the media to cover the funeral procession and assuring transparency in the process.

He stressed the need for the media to focus on verified information, stating, “We want to encourage the mainstream media to draw from facts, not from social media.”

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