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Janet Rangi: Meet the Kenyan Vlogger Who Quit Her Nursing Job at Aga Khan Hospital to Strike Gold in the US

by Paul Nyongesa
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Janet Rangi is a name that resonates with many Kenyans, especially those who follow her on her social media pages.

She has been educating Kenyans on various aspects, mainly focusing on how they can easily obtain a green card in the US, a land often considered full of great opportunities.

Rangi, a Kenyan living in the US, has made great strides after quitting her job at the male surgical ward of the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi. She seized an opportunity to work in the US after securing a green card.

Speaking about moving to the US, Rangi, whose counsel has primarily focused on the vetting process and settling in America after securing a VISA, recounted the struggles she went through before moving to the country for greener pastures.

She claims that moving to America came with its hurdles, especially as she had to make difficult decisions.

“The reason it was difficult at first is that I went there alone. I was married and left my husband behind. I was also pregnant. I also had other social issues like the culture shock,” Rangi recalled.

Rangi also claimed it wasn’t an easy transition from Kenya to the US, where she states that in Kenya, things were done for you as compared to the US, where you have to perform tasks alone.

Education Journey:

Ms. Rangi began her education journey in the US by enrolling at the School of Nursing at the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton.

She then worked at Kenyatta National Hospital as an intern before taking the Nursing Council examination.

She was subsequently registered as a community nurse, which aided her in securing a job at Aga Khan.

While in the US, she acquired a Master’s in Family Nurse Practice from the University of California, Los Angeles. She also pursued postgraduate studies at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, specializing in Psychiatry and Mental Health.

Alongside her educational journey, Ms. Rangi also found a passion for blogging and vlogging.

Her initial videos featured life in America and provided advice for immigrants on how to secure a green card and lead a better life in the US.

“When I started with the clips on social media, it was easy because I would get around 20 questions, and I would respond. Then all of a sudden, the messages started flooding into my direct messages, and they became overwhelming. I decided that I would respond through my videos,” said Ms. Rangi.

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