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If he can’t marry 4 wives, he can’t ever marry me-Woman declares

by Samantha
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Although many women do not support polygamous marriages, a new video featuring a middle-aged woman engaging in a discussion about polygamy has sparked debates on social media.

In the widely circulated clip, a Nigerian woman known as Tinuke Vibes on Instagram expressed her belief that her future husband should not marry her alone.

Sending a message to her prospective husband, the woman claimed that if he cannot marry four wives, he cannot marry her at all.

According to Tinuke, she is someone who cares, meaning her husband cannot just marry one wife. She added that she does not mind being the second, third, or fourth wife.

Supporting her argument, the woman stated that her husband cannot be exclusively hers because the number of women exceeds that of men in society.

Furthermore, she emphasized that due to this perspective, she would not be selfish to the extent that she would not allow her man to involve himself with other women.

Offering advice to contemporary women, Atinuke urged them to change their mindset for the sake of marital harmony, encouraging them to always allow their men to marry other wives.

She concluded by asserting that women should follow her path and marry a wealthy and capable man.

While the video has stirred discussions online, it highlights the diversity of opinions on the institution of marriage, particularly in the context of polygamy, and raises questions about societal norms and individual choices.

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