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“I Told Her Not To Come Back” Lebanese Boss Says After Rosie Returned To Work

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In an odd turn of events, the employer’s nanny, Rosie, had earlier chosen to go back to Lebanon. The Lebanese woman voiced her displeasure, saying, “I told her Rosie don’t come back.” Rosie’s decision to leave Kenya, where she had the chance to work as a nanny in Canada, has prompted the employer to ask her for an explanation.

The Lebanese woman’s remark seems to be an expression of frustration or disappointment because it is clear that she had dissuaded Rosie from going back to Lebanon. The employer’s interest in finding out why Rosie chose to work as a house girl in Lebanon rather than take a chance in Canada emphasizes the need for more information about Rosie’s reasons for making this decision.

It’s still unclear what exactly happened when Rosie left, which begs the question of what factors shaped her decision. The decision to return to Lebanon is in stark contrast to the lure of working in Canada, a nation renowned for its opportunities and high standard of living, and the Lebanese woman is keen to know why this unanticipated turn of events occurred.

The incident highlights the intricacies that are frequently connected to domestic work, where decision-making can be greatly influenced by interpersonal relationships, cultural considerations, and personal preferences. Numerous things, including close family ties, comfort in a familiar setting, or hidden personal considerations, could have an impact on Rosie’s decision.

It emphasizes how crucial it is for employers and domestic workers to communicate openly as the employer looks for an explanation. Building strong working relationships and making sure that decisions serve the interests of all parties involved require that people understand each other’s viewpoints and motivations. The circumstances also highlight the particular difficulties and complexities that exist in the relationship between employers and employees, especially when it comes to opportunities both domestically and abroad.

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