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‘I didn’t have good example of men in my life’ – former Machachari actor Ian Nene

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Former Machachari actor Ian Nene alias Almasi has opened up about his troubled childhood having grown up in a toxic environment.

In an interview with Man Talk Podcast, the thespian addressed the challenges he faced at the hands of his stepfather when his biological dad left.

“My stepfather was a little bit abusive, well not to me but more so to my mom, and I would observe it, and my uncles obviously were like drenched in intoxication and just in this bad world,” Ian shared.

The Machachari actor expressed how this experience had an impact on his perception of manliness, shaping his views on masculine energy.

“I didn’t have a good example of men in my life. My biological father had left my life when I was young, and he didn’t really make an active effort to connect to me and my youth, so I just always had like a bad sting in my mouth every time I thought about masculine energy,” Nene revealed.

The UK-based actor further explained how the lack of positive male role models influenced his understanding of masculinity.

“So I was like wow, I’ve never experienced this before because my awareness of masculine energy was that you put up a front,” he shared.

Nene emphasized the absence of mature and confident male figures in his life during his childhood.

“Now I’m in this space, you’re getting all these examples of men who are mature and are confident within themselves, who can cry, who are emotional, so I thought you know what, I’d rather make this jump and see what it is,” he added.

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