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How I Was Forced To Sleep In A Casket For 3 Days Inorder To Become Rich- Kitale man

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Julias from Kitale revealed how he was forced to sleep in a casket for 3 days to become rich by free Mason’s agent.

After completing his secondary education, he moved to Nairobi in search of a job. He got a job which was paying well and managed to save a good amount of money which he used to start several businesses.

According to him, he acquired several smokies trolleys and employed young men to do the jobs. He also started a restaurant in Ngong after acquiring a loan from microfinance where he was saving his money.

The business was doing well until 2020 when COVID-19 hit the country and they were forced to shut shut down restaurants. He went back into the house and used all his savings to service his loan and to provide for his needs.

When he finished his money he was stressed and didn’t know what to do. He saw an advert on Instagram about how to join Freemasons without a blood Sacrifice and become a Millionaire in 10 days.

He hurriedly contacted the person and was given instructions to follow which he did. The last instruction was for him to send his full-body naked photo. Since he was in desperate need of the money, he didn’t hesitate.

They later asked him to send them 260 dollars for them to buy him a casket that they would send to his home address and sleep inside for 3 days to become a Millionaire after 10 days.

When he told them that he didn’t have the money, they threatened to post his naked photos on all his social media platforms. He asked one of his friends to lend him the money and sent the money to the guys.

After one week he realized they were cons who were after his money because they blocked him and has never heard from them ever since. He is however thankful that they were cons because maybe he could have lost his loved ones or even himself.

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