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‘Hakuwa Mbaya’ – Matara’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks, Says He Was Good Boyfriend

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John Matara, a murder suspect accused of brutally killing Nairobi socialite Starlet Wahu, has come under scrutiny as a former girlfriend steps forward to share her experiences with the man.

The woman, who claims to have dated Matara in 2021, paints a contrasting picture of the accused murderer, revealing a side of him that was seemingly hidden from public view.

According to the ex-girlfriend, Matara was, in her words, a “good boyfriend” during their time together.

She recounts weekends spent at his house near Kenyatta University, where he would send an Uber to pick her up.

Despite enjoying a seemingly stable relationship, she emphasizes that Matara had a dark side, carefully concealed beneath the surface.

The relationship took a turn when Matara proposed that they live together, and she declined. This refusal led to an unexpected eruption of violence triggered by a seemingly trivial incident involving a towel.

The woman recalls using Matara’s towel without anticipating any issue, only to witness a violent reaction she had never seen before.

“He used to smoke which I got used to, but I never thought he could do something like that,” she revealed. Despite the disturbing incident, she highlights that Matara apologized, revealing a pattern of his ability to hide his dark side.

Matara’s notoriety extends beyond his relationships. Former neighbours reportedly evicted him due to his erratic behaviour and violence against women, supported by claims from a former classmate who mentioned his expulsion from two high schools for being troublesome.

As Matara faces accusations of murder and disturbing violent tendencies, his former girlfriend’s account sheds light on the complexity of his character, leaving many questioning the true nature of the man who appeared to be a “good boyfriend” while harbouring a concealed and violent side.

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