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Family of the Woman Whose Body Was Slashed into Pieces and Placed in a Paper Bag Resurfaces

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The relatives of a woman whose remains were discovered discarded inside a dustbin collection point along Thika Road Mall (TRM) Drive in Kasarani Sub-County have positively identified the body.


The family, grappling with the profound loss, has opted for silence, choosing not to engage with the media at this delicate juncture. Instead, they are placing their trust in the capable hands of the law enforcement professionals who are diligently working to unravel the mysteries surrounding this tragic incident.

The evening of Monday, January 15, 2024, marked the somber occasion when the victim was officially identified.

Simultaneously, law enforcement officials shared crucial CCTV footage that captured the suspect entering a mini-market, where he is handed a key leading to a short-term rental apartment within Kasarani Sub-County.

However, the investigation is shrouded in complexity, as officers are grappling with two plausible scenarios. The absence of any signs of struggle at the initial crime scene has led investigators to consider the possibility that the victim may have been killed elsewhere.

Her lifeless body, then, could have been transported to the apartment where it was discovered.

Alternatively, the grim possibility that the crime occurred within the confines of the short-term rental is being explored.

“We have realized that the scene of the crime did not have any signs of struggle and it was clean. So we are still pursuing the possibility that the lady might have been killed elsewhere, and her body taken to the apartment,” a cautious DCI officer shared, highlighting the intricate nature of the ongoing investigation.

Adding to the complexity of the case is the revelation that the suspect employed deceptive tactics in securing the short-term accommodation. Using false details, the individual not only concealed his true identity but also went to great lengths by booking the room through a mobile phone registered under a woman’s name.

“The man did not use his real documents when he booked the Airbnb, but at least we shall release some of his images so that members of the public can assist us in identifying him,” disclosed the detective.


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