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Eve Mungai, Director Trevor Ignite Social Media with Breakup Rumors

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve and her partner, Director Trevor, have found themselves in the midst of breakup rumors that have set social media abuzz.

The speculation gained traction when fans noticed the deletion of photos featuring the couple on their respective social media accounts, a move often perceived as a sign of trouble in paradise.

Despite the apparent removal of shared memories, it’s noteworthy that Mungai Eve and Director Trevor still maintain their online connection by following each other on Instagram.

This has led some to question whether the deletion of photos is merely a clout-chasing gimmick, a trend observed among some celebrity couples seeking attention on social media.

The duo, who celebrated their fifth-year anniversary in 2023, had previously showcased their love for each other across various social platforms.

However, recent actions have left fans wondering about the status of their relationship and whether the speculated breakup is a reality or just a social media strategy.

This comes months after Director Trevor vehemently refuted  claims suggesting a rift in their relationship.

Speculation arose when content creator Thee Pluto organized a lavish birthday celebration, drawing the attendance of numerous YouTubers, including Eve Mungai.

Videos circulating online showcased Eve energetically dancing with Pluto and other guests, conspicuously without the presence of Trevor. This fueled gossip mills to assert that Eve and Trevor had called it quits.

However, Director Trevor swiftly dispelled these rumors, dismissing them as baseless. The 24-year-old video creator affirmed, “We are still together, and we have no plans of parting ways anytime soon. I was present at Pluto’s party, albeit in a different setting. I refrained from joining Eve in dancing with the host and other guests simply because they were playing Kikuyu songs, which I don’t comprehend.”

In response to the unwarranted speculations surrounding their relationship, Trevor expressed his bewilderment, stating, “I don’t understand why people are eager for us to break up. Perhaps they are seeking to find me another wife.”

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